mongolská jurta - mongolian yurt (Mongolia)




What is the project?

The project is intended to be used by everybody who is interested in yurts and other dwellings native to some of the nomadic tribes in the Middle East and CentralAsia. This project will collect information about yurts and present it on this website




  • Articles, Links etc. On this website you can learn about the history, differences, global expansion and construction of Mongolian, Kyrgyz and other types of yurts. ...yurts

Interier jurty - Inside a Yurt

  • You can also find many Pictures and links dealing with yurts.
  • You can take part in our YurtForum


  • And if you´re interested in Buying a yurt yourself, all you need to do is contact me  ... workshop

Enjoy the site.
Alexandr Sprado - Workshop under the Hill


If you would like to share other interesting information about yurts please contact me.