Mongolská step - Steppe in Mongolia

The advantages of a yurt


I suppose you are familiar with yurts already but I will try to sum up the advantages of this centuries-old and proven method of construction.

  • a yurt is spacious

  • you can setup a yurt in about one hour

  • a yurt is easy to transport on your car  or even on your camel

  • you don´t need to stake or anchor ropes  to setup a yurt, all you need is an open  area the dimensions of the yurt

  • you can setup a yurt anywhere, on snow, on rocks, on a terrace or on sand

  • a yurt is very stable, thanks to its shape and construction   

  • you can make an open fire  inside a yurt  for cooking

  • you can easily install a stove/heater

  • you can order a yurt in the exact size you wish

  • we build yurts using eco-friendly methods and natural materials (wood, cotton, hemp)

  • most importantly a yurt is beautiful and  living in it is a special experience