2017 Summer
Our first experience with an electric heating in massive oak platform in south Germany, perfect for yoga or other workshops.

2017 Summer
New heavy duty 450g/m2 non-flammable fabric in colours natural and light brown tested in southwest of Ireland.

new non-flammable fabric tested in Ireland

2016 Summer
Yurt for living behind the north polar circle in Norway. A brave czech couple tests frosty weather in our yurt, we are courios about the results.

Living in a yurt behind the polar circle

2016 Summer
Our new model of halbrounded windows and doors makes the feeling more cosy inside the yurt.

halbrounded doors and windows makes cosy feeling

2015 Summer
Extra thick 80mm sheep wool insulation makes possible to spend cold periods comfortable inside the yurt.

extra insulated yurts, + 80mm WOOL makes it warm

2015 Spring
Yurt with panoramatic windows to rest after taking sauna in a 5 stars hotel in a north of Italy, gorgeous views on the Alps. Our first realisation with conected windows becomes very popular.

rest after taking sauna in a yurt

November 2014

Superior door / window protection against rain, more informations under Accessories.  
usual protection  superior protection

September 2014

Telescopic Roof Snow Pusher  2-4mts long  suiteable for yurts 5-8mts, more information
under Accessories.


July 2014

Kitchen in a yurt for a Outdoor Kindergarten Bezinka, more pictures in the webgallery

July 2014

"Fourtable" -
Table for kids right below the huge skylight, perfect area for drawing, writing or playing with kids, in addition to that you can easily divide the table in to four separate smaller triangle tables if you want, it is a good solution for working with more kidsgroups - for example Kindergarten etc.

June 2014

Camp David Resort in Germany use 10 our yurts to accommodate their costumers during various courses on the Lake near Leipzig, after yachting, diving or kitesurfing enjoy the Mediterrean kitchen right on the water in restaurant Levante.

June 2014

5 stars Hotel for Friends in Austrian Alps - yurt is a great space to relax

May 2014

Explore on your bike unknown parts of Germany and spend calm time in round space of  the yurts near Hannover, Unser kleiner Hof, have a great time, we had it too :)

November 2013

Hemp insulated Yurt - to make the yurt useful in the cold winter time we use now hemp insulation.

April 2012

Stronger wall construction -
Now we offer two different wall constructions of the yurt, the usual one is suitable for most of our yurts, but if you prefer more stability in windy or snowy areas, then you have to choose the stronger option of the wall construction.

usual wall fence   stronger wall fence for more stability

Summer 2011 - Accommodation oportunity in one our Yurt near Karlsbad (CZ)

yurt accommodation
Come and have a rest in a 6mts yurt in the middle of the nature...

more pictures and info are here

flyer in PDF download (in german)
flyer in PDF download (in english)

mapīs here

Spring 2011 - Now Yurts in Ash - NEW!

Do you prefer Ash instead of Larch for the yurtīs construction? More strenght and flexibility could be the reason. You can have it for an extra charge. For more details call or write please.

Spring 2011 - Special construction for use in Snow mountains

December 2008 - a brand new show "Larch yurt" near to the Workshop Under the Hill

The 6mts/20ft big show "All season" yurt with two French windows and French door, with a 120cm skylight is here to represent the Workhop Under the Hill whole the year, for more pictures click here

May 2008 -
We used new materials, see the result
The 6mts Yurt near Prague - White felt and heavy duty Cotton Canvas  600g/m2, for more pictures see the Gallery.

January 2008 - New Canvas
Cotton with Polyester 470g/m2 - natural colour; Watter Pressure Resistence 800mm !

November 2007 - New Canvas with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certificate

We start to use ecofriendly Canvas with OEKO-TEX Certificate. We offer 100% Cotton, Cotton + Polyester or breathable Polyester, the water pressure resistance is 1000 mm; in differents Colours.
More about OEKO-TEX english / deutsch

Example 1.: 100% Cotton, Weight 600 g/m2, Water Pressure Resistance 650mm, Colours: Sand, dark Green and dark Blue

Example 2.: 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester, Weight 420g/m2, Water Pressure Resistance 450mm, Colours: natural Beige, Sand, GreyBlue

Example 3.: 100% Polyester, Acrylic Coating, Weight 285g/m2, Water Pressure Resistance 1000mm, Colours: White, dark Blue, Sand

October 2007 - Comfortable yurt for cold Winter / Winterfeste Jurte in Deutschland

Insulated yurt in south Germany with three windows/doors and domed skylight. WoolFelt on the yurt and hemp in the floor makes the winter nice. More pictures


eptember 2007 - Our yurt at the Canary Island La Palma

Look at our new yurt placed under the Volcano in the Atlantic Ocean, here are more pictures:

A 6mts / 20ft yurt with a wooden (larch) platform, domed skylight and two windows.

August 2007 - Picture sequence / Erecting 6mts yurt with a felt insulation (Flash)

November 2006 - New great book about yurts on the market

YURTS - living in the round by Becky Kemery

Becky Kemery has lived in yurts for many years in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. 

Yurts are one of the oldest forms of indigenous shelter still in use today. This 150-page book show you how to build, insulate, ventilate and transport a yurt, plus shares invaluable information on everything from foundations and heating to building codes and floor plans.

October 2006 - Our first 9mts yurt / 29ft yurt with domed window

In north Germany near Rostock is placed our biggest yurt with domed window in the middle. For more pictures see here:  

August 2006 - Our yurts by air or sea fright to USA and Canada 
- the 20ft yurt (construction and cover) about 700 USD + packaging costs

July 2006 - new photogallery
Traditional Songs and Dances of Mongolia in Czech Republic - KHAN BOGD

The Workshop Under the Hill organises in cooperation with Swiss worldmusic publisher Face-music and Summer Film School (Letni filmova skola) in Moravia 4 concerts of entrancing Mongolian Ensemble KHAN BOGD. 

You can enjoy traditional music and dance presented by 14 professional musicians and dancers from Ulaanbaatar...further an original Mongolian 8mts yurt.

Date and time: 22nd and 23rd July  2006 (17:30 and 20:00) in Uherske Hradiste in Moravia in Czech Republic.

+ Projection of the movie URGA by Nikita Michalkov and after that a discussion with author of the filmmusic Eduard Artėmjev and artists Khan Bogd.   

Music Samples (MP3)
sample I - sample II - sample III

More informations about the concerts here (czech only) - or just email your questions to me
More informations about  Khan Bogd (english and gernan)

The concerts we realize under the auspices of the Mongolian Embassy in Czech Republic and the Czech Rep. - Mongolia Chamber of Commerce


May 2006

At last official web site of Peter Alford Andrews - one of the most confiderable expert at nomad tents - created in cooperation with

April  2006
Our workshop has supported the International Festival of Mountain Films and Adventure in Bratislava, the Capital of Slovak republic
  20. - 23.4.2006

The "TeaYurt" has offered  a peacefull place for not only tired visitors of the 7th annual... several of teas, hookah, chess game and Thai massage in our 6mts/20ft yurt fitted with norvegian stove here