The wood construction
To build a yurt we generally use pine or larch, which is light and elastic. But the frame can be constructed from many other type of wood, e.g. beech, oak etc. 


The cover

470g/m2 Polyester + Cotton

is made of high quality breathable and impregranted material combining natural cotton and durable polyester - Weight 470 grams per m²

Water pressure column 800mm.

Water repellant and mildew resistant.


600 g/m2 Cotton
is made of high quality breathable and impregranted cotton canvas
Weight 600 grams per m

Water pressure column 650mm. Water repellant and mildew resistant 

cover yurt - 600gms Blue  cover 600 yurt Green  yurt cover 600 Sand 
Cotton 600 Blue  Cotton 600 Green Cotton 600 Sand


Polyester 220 and 280 g/m2 - 100% Polyester with Acrylic coating
Ecofriendly Canvas with OEKO-TEX Certificate - breathable Polyester, the water pressure resistance is 1000 mm; in differents Colours.
More about OEKO-TEX english / deutsch

sand 280 white 280 gray 280  blue 280 brown 220 green 220

You can live in a yurt during the winter but you will need insulation. We usually use felt insulation made of 100% sheep wool, which is 10 mm thick, weighs 1300g/m² and is naturale in colour.

is mothproof
evens out the humidity in the room
is 100% biodegradable
is hardly flammable
Thermal Insulance 0,30 m² x C/W

The Wood colour

Each customer can choose their own color. We use ecofriendly colors OSMO from Germany, more informations here:


If you want more light in your yurt, it`s possible to saw windows of any desired form or size into the cover. The windows are made of high quality PVC foil and can be easily closed with an outer shutter.

Wooden openable windows with glass
We offer different types of wooden windows, width 114 or 130cm
flat simple glass or insulated glass 16mm, see for examples in the webgallery.


If you  intend to leave your yurt outside for an extended period of time, we recommend placing it
on a wooden deck 

The construction shouldn`t rest on wet ground for long periods of time!

We offer wooden decks suitable for yurts with diameters 4.5-6-7-8m. The decks are built on a wooden construction with a granite base, and it is possible to build them on a hillside. The deck can be insulated. If necessary, the deck can be taken apart and moved even though the decks are primarily designed for permament instalation.   

Skylight bubbleAcrylkuppelfenster / Jurte
If you want an instant source of light from above, we offer you a dome-roof made of acrylic glass (1-3 layers) which is placed on the crown. The dome is easy to open from inside.

Heating a yurt is quick and easy. We will be happy to advise you with the choice of proven cast-iron Scandinavian stoves, Jotul or Ulefos, (including the pipes) and take care of the delivery. You can find the stove offer at: stove.

We will try to satisfy any other wishes you might have.