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Here you can find articles about yurts that Ive gathered from various sources.

New book about yurts on the market YURTS - living in the round
by Becky Kemery

Articles, Links etc.
  • General Info

- Official web site of Peter Alford Andrews - expert at nomad tents 
- Many informations about yurts - yurtinfo.org
- Simply differently - temporary buidling - Nomadic shelters

- Around the Yurt  - detailed information about yurts NEW
- On the Antiquity of the Yurt - the Silk Road NEW
- The original yurt information page - www.chaingang.org
- Dwellings of nomads, the Turkmen yurt
- The Ger, Traditional dwelling of the Buryats - buryatmongol.com
- Medieval Pavilion Resources - Info about Tents and Gers - currentmiddleages.org
- Dwellings of nomads, the Uzbek yurt
- Dwelling of nomads, the Tadjik yurt
- Dwellings of nomads, the Kazak yurt
- Dwellings of nomads, the Kyrgyz yurt
- Yurt description and the order of construction of yurt - Tumar Art Group

- Central Asian Kibitki - Informations about kibitki / yurts
- Yurt in English wikipedia

  • Scientific works

- Peter Alford Andrews, Felt Tents and Pavilions: The Nomadic Tradition and its Interaction with Princely Tentage. Review by Hedda Reindl - Kiel University of Bonn
- more reviews and fliers on his oficial web site

  • Felt

- Lizzy Mayrl & Felt Art Projects - FILIZI  

  • Construction of a Yurt

- Yurt Raising - USA, Waitsfield Vermont    
- How to Make a Yurt and Live Comfortably by Dan Frank Kuehn  
- Beautiful Photogallery - Yurtbuilding in Mongolia
The construction of an American Yurt, by Ellisif Fkakkari (Monica Cellio)
- The American yurt - Construction
- Yurt building, Mount Holyoke College
- Yurt erection - Kyrgyzstan, Wylie and Helene gypsyjournal.com  
- How we made our own gher or yurt

- Building an American yurt - Dark Horde Moritu

- Yurts in Australia 
- Behold the Power of String - friends building a simple yurt
- Building the Yurt at Straw Hollow, Canada
- Mongolian yurt building - great photogallery  

- Photo albums of making a yurt, houseoffabri.org
- Yurt building for everyone
by Claudia Olmstead, small version of a yurt

  • Living in the Yurt

- Yurt magic...building an enchanting instant house by Claire Wolfe
Alternative housing, the freedom of a Yurt / Claire Wolfe
- Yurts in the mountains  -  Never Summer Nordic, Colorado USA  

  • Modern Yurt

- Modern yurt, Bill Coperthwaite,The state of the yurt
Homesteader and Author of A Handmade Life, An Interview by Rod MacIver

  • Forum and Discussion

- Yurt discussion 
- Information about
engsi hang (the traditional knit or felt door) turkotek.com part 1
and part 2
- YurtForum by yourtent.com (English, German, Czech)
- Motherearth Forum - a lot of interesting topics about yurts
- Yurt Resource - by Robert Matthews
- Forum in Russian  - nashayurta.atarn.ru
- Forum de discussion sur les yourtes (French)

  • Video

- Mongolian yurt - Ger, NOX Marian Golis (mpg -  5,5 MB)
Yurt manufacture video part A (Dur 5:20, 7.3Mb, Flash 6 required) and
part B (Dur 5:10, 6.7Mb, Flash 6 required)
- Mujaan (Craftsman) by Chris McKee; this is a beautiful film of rural life in Mongolia. Carefully-constructed and thoughtfully paced, it really conveys the essence of what is today almost an ideal - the herding family's calm existence.

  •  Videos by youtube

- Mongolian Cloud House - 9:45min - Dan Frank Kuehn USA 
- Mongolian Felt Making  3:28min 
- Yurt Manufacture Video (Part A)  7:05min
- Yurt Manufacture Video (Part B)   5:05min

  • Others 

- Yurt, Silk painting - Kazakhstan
- Ulaantaij - original Mongolian yurts 
- The epos "MANAS
- Mongolian yurts in Australia NEW