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 summer yurt - larch yurt - doors - insulation - liners - windows - decks - skylight - delivery

Prices of our yurst for the year 2017
(all prices are including VAT 21%)

Complete larchwood Yurt  with a Cover (Cotton, Polyester or Polycotton) with a one leaf wooden Door, bent beechwood Crown (Kyrgyz Yurt) or a solid larchwood Crown with a openable onelayer acrylic Skylight bubble (120 or 150cm) and two Supports*

(there are no inner linen, insulation or platform included, for prices see bellow).
Diameter Ø 5 m / 18ft 6 m / 20ft 7 m / 23ft 8 m / 26ft  
Yurt with a Skylight   7.126   7.753 9.053 * 9.994 *  
Price CZK incl. VAT 20%
192.390 K

209.330 K
244.420 K 269.830 K  
Wood: Larch (or Ash); Woodendoor 114cm, bent lattice walls, roofpoles, crown/roof wheel made of bent beechwood or massive larchwood Crown, Skylight 120cm (for the 5 and 6m yurts) or 150cm (7 and 8 m yurts), all ropes;
Cover: impreganted cover Cotton
Canvas 600gms or 470gms Polycotton or 280gms Polyester wit acrylic coating (ko Tex Certificate) Water Column 100cm.
Details to the offered fabrics


The Felt, Inner Linen and Platform are not included in the price.

Basic description

The yurt construction
: is made of the best knot-less larch or ash wood, the wall parts of the yurt are steamed and bent to achieve the desired form and the highest stability possible.

Crown/roof wheel: because its the most stressed part of the yurt, its made of hard bent beech wood or the sturdier crown is made of larchwood (Yurt with a Skylight).

Cover: is made of:

1.Cotton 600 - Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas 600gms - water repellant and mildew resistant - water column 65cm, Colours: sand, grayblue, olivgreen.
2. Polycotton 470 - Cover (Polyester + Cotton) 470gms -
water repellant and mildew resistant - water column 80cm, Colours: natural beige.
3. Polyester 280 -  280 or 220gms Polyester TentFabric, which provides strength and durability and, like cotton, the PV fibres absorb moisture and thus delay the onset of condensation. The microporous acrylic coating makes the cover waterproof, weather-resistant and durable. 
water column 100cm, Colours: white, grayblue, sand, gray, green etc.

Door: 114cm wide of larchwood, equiped with a lock and an ironwork.

Paint: we use German eco-friendly paint AURO in a wide variety of colours.

Other doors - French doors and double leaf wooden door  

French door 130cm,
 double leaves, insulated
 glass, lockable, wood: Larch
Wooden door 130cm,
 double leaves, lockable,
One leaf french door 114cm, insulated glass,
lockable, wood: Larch
Price: 1.031
27.830 CZK
Price: 768
20.733 CZK
Price: 871
23.516 CZK

Felt insulation 1300gms 
Diameter Ø 5 m / 16ft 6 m / 20ft 7 m / 23ft 8 m / 26ft  
natural 1.389 1.837 2.330 2.644  
Price CZK 37.510 CZK 49.610 CZK 62.920 CZK 71.390 CZK  

You can live in a yurt during the winter but you will need insulation. We usually use felt insulation made of 100% sheep wool, which is 10 mm thick, weighs 1300g/m² and is natural white in colour.

is mothproof / or without 
evens out the humidity in the room
is 100% biodegradable
is hardly flammable
Thermal Insulance 0,30 m² x C/W

Inner linen: The roof insulation should not lie directly on the inner liner / 100% cotton / yurtwooden construction, therefore we recommend using our linen cover which can be easily placed under the insulation. This cover insures that the insulation is spread evenly on the roof construction and protects the insulation against possible damage while buidling and breaking down the yurt.

 Weight: 380 g/m² - Color: white  

Inner linen

Diameter Ø 5 m / 18ft 6 m / 20ft 7 m / 23ft 8 m / 26ft  
Inner Linen 802 896 1.076 1.254  
Price CZK 21.659 CZK 24.200 CZK 29.040 CZK 33.880 CZK  

Windows, decks, stoves and skylight bubble 

windows in a 20ft yurtPVC Windows: If you want more light in your yurt, it`s possible to saw windows of any desired form or size into the cover. The windows are made of high quality PVC foil and can be easily closed with an outer shutter.

Wooden windows: for non-nomadic yurtowners we can produce a variety of wooden windows in Larch or Pine. For "All Season" yurts we recommand windows with insulated glass.   

French window
double-leaf window
Inuslated glass 16mm
with ironwork
Wood: Larch

 Price: 974  
26.299 CZK


Simply window 
Glass 6mm
with ironwork
Wood: Pine

 Price: 837
22.588 CZK

Decks: If you  intend to leave your yurt outside for an extended period of time, we recommend placing it bubble skylight / 29fts yurton a wooden deck (the construction shouldn`t rest on wet ground for long periods of time!).

We offer wooden decks suitable for yurts with diameters 5-6-7-8-9m. The decks are built on a wooden construction with a granite base, and it is possible to build them on a hillside. The deck can be insulated. If necessary, the deck can be taken apart and moved even though the decks are primarily designed for permament instalation. For prices email us please.  

Kamna do jurtyStove: Heating a yurt is quick and easy. We will be happy to advise you with the choice of proven cast-iron Scandinavian stoves, Jotul or Ulefos, (including the pipes) and take care of the delivery. You can find the stove offer at: stove. 



Skylight bubble: If you want an instant source of light from above, we offer you a dome-roof made of acrylic glass (1-3 layers) which is placed on the crown. The dome is easy to open from inside.  

Delivery abroad with prepayment of 60%, the rest after delivery of the Yurt.

Terms of delivery
The delivery time depends on the type of yurt, accessories and season in which the yurt has been ordered. Please contact us for making arrangement concerning the delivery. The yurt may be picked up in person.

We can also deliver and build the yurt for you at your desired spot. 

Price for delivery: in accordance to the distance (Delivery), weight and volume of the order. 

Or send us your demand and well send back the complete offer in CZK and actual EURO prices.